The relationship game can be difficult! Get prepared to assist Julie select the most motivated outfits and wow her date ! Are you up for the Job? Then come and join in getting started with this new dating match for women and start by choosing her date . There are many games to be found on the relationship program for her: there's a romantic boy that enjoys sports, there's a lively lad with a very cool outfit, there's a pet lover, the businessman and nature enthusiast... so who's going to be the one to ask the issue that July has been waiting for too long. Just select one to start with then go-ahead into another page of this match and decide what she is going to be wearing tonight. Pick her outfits, hairstyle and the ideal accessories and stay tuned... you are able to determine how the date continues. If she is the best one for her date, then the boy will place the magic question,"Will you be my girlfriend?" . If he realizes she is not his personality, you'll need to keep looking... just like in real life.


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