Sci-fi planet is a cruel one... You won't locate a love , nor serenity... Only cruelty and endless struggles. At leastyou are able to please your killer instincts. You're a soldier on a deadly mission. Be yourself! You may even personalize your soldier. Weapon choice is your choice, in addition to its overall look. This way you're able to differ from the competitors and receive final and most significant advantage ! You understand, it remains the same... kill, or have murdered... so grab your gear, and proceed! You may notice blood, you may see dead people, however your survival is your priority number one. Dash over the battle, kill your enemies and get the maximum points of your own team. Incidentally, you can telephone your friends and combat together on precisely the exact same map! Then it is possible to discuss it in real life and assert who's the best player of all you! Maintain your great relationship up, however! Anyhow... Have fun.


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