Tiger Simulator 3D is just another great simulation game brought to you by CyberGoldfinch. Tigers are really magnificent and stunning creatures and at this point you get the opportunity to find out what it's like to live since such regal creatures from the wild. You take charge of one tiger and need to prowl during the wild and attempt to survive and develop powerful. You have to search for food and grab your prey to supply yourself with sustenance and vitality -- do not forget to drink water also. Through the entire world map you are able to complete different tasks for different creatures and personalities to make gold you can take advantage of this golden to grow the stats and energy level of your own fighter. You could even discover a tiger partner and raise your own tiger living! See what it is like to reside in the wild now and begin your tiger experience! Features TIGER FAMILY If you discover another tiger you'll have the ability to produce a family. Together with the maturation of the nature, the chance to earn kids becomes available. You may create up to 4 kids. Your loved ones will be able to assist you in battle and searching. There's a chance to enhance each family . To do so, it's essential to search and gather food, then feed the kids or your own consort. TIGER CUSTOMIZATION Customize the Look of the tiger because you enjoy. There are lots of skins to pick from. You could even customize skins to your consort and kids. For lovers of funny hats there's the chance to put on an assortment of unique hats! UPGRADES There is an chance to enhance the individual features of family and characteristics that impact all tigers from the household simultaneously. Remember to enhance the figures! Get experience doing hunting and tasks. After getting a degree, the character can spend it upon points of assault, life or energy. Additionally, there are special skills that permit you to increase pace, gather more meals, get more funds for activities in the sport, etc.. VARIOUS CREATURES In your trip you may observe many distinct creatures. A number of them are calm, and a few are extremely dangerous. Additionally, the creatures will fight hazardous bosses. QUESTS Take part in a Variety of tasks. On occasion you'll have to hunt creatures, occasionally to look for historical artifacts, and at times have pleasure, starting fireworks. You never know exactly what the pursuit characters will request you to perform.


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