Tactics Core is a .io game with a twist - that this game lets you participate in high tech multiplayer war against hundreds of other players on the internet. Before you begin fighting, you are able to pick from a selection of unique warships like a roller, a javelin, a silencer, and a manta - every unit has different numbers and weaponry. The images are reminiscent of the first Command and Conquer games along with the gameplay is comparable also. rnYou perform as either the red or blue team and you have to guard your base whilst venturing out to the open to face your enemies in battle and endeavor to ruin their base also. You're able to work with your teammates to prevent being outnumbered and utilize strategies to conquer your enemies. Since you destroy enemy components you acquire XP and level upward. As you level up you can buy new and advanced units and updates. Every unit has a typical attack and a unique ability. Make sure that you use the two to help turn the tide of battle in your favor. Would you help your staff achieve success and ruin the enemy's control centre?


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