T.R.E.V.O.R. VII is a 3D action GTA like shooting match. The participant requires a role in road races, will make money and addressing competitions! Endless city, lots of automobiles and hard missions are awaiting you in this brand new game. rnIn the open world, you are able to behave contrary to all accepted standards - it is possible to kill normal pedestrians or your own enemies, steal cars, organize magnificent skirmishes with the authorities, by a sniper and function as ideal fps-sniper. There's all you want to be a legend of the underworld. rnYour primary enemies are offenders - that will always attack your visitors and you, bribe policemen, crush your enterprise. Just spend the armor and dozen of barrels and then ruin all of them! rnThe updated textures from the game turn Mad City to a lively and lively city which will overpower you. Love a sensible city, where vice and life versa are in full swing. Enjoy realistic images of this summer season, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of New Year's holiday season. Have fun.


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