Super Crime Steel War Hero - Iron Flying Mech Robot is a town simulator in third person view (and FPS style ), in which you push a car or a motorbike. Become a leader on the roads of anti-criminality in the city. You perform with a grand enthusiast / avenger / legend and also entire city anxieties you. Interesting gameplay: you're awaiting the maximum hotspots of criminality in Vegas disctrict. Your rope assignment is to rescue city people from gang strikes. The design of it's comparable to Miami or Las Vegas but actualy it's New York. Great old story about a anti auto burglar in a dangerous city. Dominate town using a devastating firepower of innovative military vehicles or update your hero to knock enemies down in a couple of tears! Allow it to be as a gorgeous city, don't turn into offense city with vandalism and blood. rnAre you are prepared for good anti-criminal experience? Prepare yourself to rob, kill, take and battle all of the offenders like a vampire! Stealing auto cars, racing through roads, and shooting gangsters. Have you got enough guts to climb to the peak of the offender piles? Try out each of the supercars and bicycles. Create stunts on a bmx or even locate an ultimate F-90 tank or even catastrophic battle helicopter. rnrn▪ Visually breathtaking images, personality and military vehicle versions, Helicopter, Air fighter, etc.. rn▪ HD quality images rn▪ Hours of gameplayrn▪ ingame store rn▪ Guns to purchase and take rn▪ Off road terrains to research rn▪ Realistic car drifting


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