Siren Head Horror is a 3D atmospheric horror game. As a reporter you are hunting for Siren. Have you heard anything about Siren Head? It exists... Experience all the fear and horror. As soon as you get close to the siren head - your pulse quickens and one day your heart may fail. You will have a hard time, but you need to take some pictures of the Siren Head monster on your camera. You are very good reporter. Your new task is to find Siren. A creature that many do not believe exists. When you enter the area of her existence you have accident and your car is broken. After few miles of walking you will find another car but it is locked. Find the key and do not die. Something dark is outside. Is it Sirene or something else, even more demonic? Enjoy the scary atmosphere and solve the case. Play for free in your browser. Have fun!


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