You men desired another continuation of Scrap Metal collection, and here it is! New automobiles (lots of these ), new map, and also a brand new set of barriers. So fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for the ride of your lifetime! Little replicas of luxury cars like Lamborghini, Ford Mustang, Mercedes, Bugatti, and several others versus intense barriers. Dealing with barriers functions as follows: use mouse to go for an obstruction and spawn it someplace around the map. You may see three distinct axes that enable moving with this particular barrier. Click themdrag right into a specific path, and the barrier will proceed. Should you hold the ctrl button and then use your mouse to move the barrier, it is going to turn right into a certain direction depending on which axis you're dragging. Whenever you're finished with putting the barrier, right click away someplace on the map and also the barrier is going to be put. You may then click it again, it is going to acquire transparent and you'll have the ability to utilize it . This can find a great deal of crazy, particularly in multiplayer when gamers produce intense combinations of barriers. You may telephone your buddies and enjoy together unrivaled quantity of pleasure for many days. Have fun.


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