Follow legendary samurai on his pilgrimage to ancient Japan in search for the significance of a warrior's life. Samurai, the famed Japanese warriors armed forces with mythical swords, who follow the Bushido Code (Way of The Warrior), have been legendary in the past due to their heroic deeds in wars in addition to in ordinary life. Now, however, among those warriors is in terrific danger, as a set of enemies that are dangerous, which will be interested only in impaling his mind on a rod, is attempting to down him. Will the honour of a real warrior triumph, or will he drop against enormous numbers of enemies? It depends, most importantly, how you stand up to it a brand new hope for the dawn of earth. If it is possible to bend with the sword, then there's a certain expectation, but the battle itself requires considerably more than simply rattle with this particular weapon. Stress, dedication, pride, courage. What's going to win? Have fun.


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