Royale Forces includes a FPS game in which you can play with Battle Royale or even Doom Royale sport modes. Evidently, there are lots of other people, so the fun never ends. You may go straight away into multiplayer battles against other players or instruct you planning ability in games vs. bots. Here's a little sneak peak about sport modes within the game: Arcade: 2x jump force, all weapons armed; Battle Royale: Be the only survivor, in the event you die it's sport finished; DOOM: Also called Doom Royale, it's like Battle Royale but you have an RPG. Use it wisely! And Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch for certain too... How many attributes will this game have? A lot! Power-ups, multiple weapons and weapon skins, level-up system which lets you utilize different weapon skins, armor/mask customization, and four unique and comprehensive maps! Have fun.


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