GAME INFO is a stadium shoot game out. Welcome to the future, welcome into the stadium, welcome to your own destiny! This really is a futuristic first person shooter where players need to load , lock and reunite! Jump through portal sites and utilize many different upgradable weapons to have a stadium filled with additional combatant from round the world. In this game you search down and take out opposing players at a first person shooting stadium. You score points for the length of time you live, the amount of opponenets you choose out and the number of head shots it is possible to get. The more time you play the more points you receive, the more things you get the longer gear which it is possible to unlock and also equip. It's an ever evolving universe of automatic weapons and strategic decisions. Do you believe that can take down your opponets until they take you down? Figure out in Robofight.iothe near future of stadium battle is currently! Have fun.


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