Every Wonderland Lady envies her lovely curls and they wonder Island Princess's hair may look so amazing daily. Island Princess determined that it's time for her to share her secrets with everybody, particularly with you. Thus you have to play with this game if you would like to know from Island Princess the best way to have the best curls. First of all you want to begin with a hair wash. Use the perfect hair goods since Island Princess does, then wrap your hair into a towel. Keep it for a couple of minutes and after that you want to comb the hair up in a lemon. Be certain not to wash it. Pick a lace pillow rather and sleep just like that. Next day you'll have the ideal curls, and with a few adjustments you may make an wonderful hairstyle. Only let Island Princess inspires you and show you a few versions. Last but not least, it is possible to have a look within Island Princess' apparel and help her locate a cute boho chic ensemble. Enjoy a superb playing time!


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