GAME INFO is a hectic multiplayer shooter in which you have to battle in a 2D cityscape against hordes of undead zombies. The images are somewhat reminiscent of Pokemon games and you may select from many different 2D characters. To begin with you're outfitted with a pistol but as you level up it is possible to select unique weapons such as a machine gun, a shotgun and a flame thrower. rnYou should move around town and endure for as long as you can against the zombies - that they respawn over-time so there's always a danger - you can not ever keep your shield. What's more, the zombies will be attracted towards you so that you need to keep shooting and moving. As you level up you can update your character's data like movement rate, health and wellness regeneration - this can allow you to survive longer. You also need to think of the other players. Are you going to work together? Or are you going to remove all possible dangers?


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