The end of World War II.

For civilians it signifies joy the war ends, for army leaders it means beginning with peace discussions. A Free Democratic Republic of Vietnam is formed under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh. Nevertheless, the French don't need to eliminate its own colonies. Eventually, France is conquered and Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam are shaped in Indochina. Regrettably, the country of Vietnam has been split from the parallel to both South and North Vietnam. A nation without unity could mean losing of its liberty . Communist principle of North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh sees it tries to unite Vietnam. But this has caused additional resistance the US didn't need to just observe since they had been fearful of the ability of Communists. In 1964, the Vietnam War officially started, which lasted for another 11 years. You're getting to be a soldier of the bloody historic event at the moment. It's all up to you if you decide to fight the US side, or across the side of Vietnam. Be a fanatic, play with this multiplayer match, and remember to invite your friends also. Struggling for liberty and liberty is always rewarding! Prove heroism to your own nation! Have fun.


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