Warriors of Yesteryear!

Collect for the championship at which a lot of you may drop and a number of you will be shining eternally. This is the ideal time to reveal that you're the true gaming guru! Nine playable courses for each and every kind of battle. Would you rather have face-to-face duels? Subsequently knight or berserker is going to become your selection. If you're more into a magical side of things, then why don't to try out mage or invoker. Archer and marksman courses are for men and women who instead prefer to kill their competitors from security. But bear in mind the simple fact that after your competitor gets nearer to you, you have to show up with a few crazy evasive moves! Definitely classes that are based on your ability! And for much more versatile players, we've got here hammersmith and engineer. These men can blow up others in a matter of moments, but their exceptionally explosive weapons may also indicate that the end of their lives, so keep your security whilst playing these "toys". Select your favourite character and input Megaclash Warriors League. Six courageous warriors, but just one of them is able to triumph and survive this onslaught. Win several conflicts and update your heroes. Boost their battle capabilities and be the most powerful warrior of all times! Have fun.


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