Los Angeles Stories III Challenge Accepted is a 3D action shooter inspired by Grand Theft Auto games.

Use firearms, steal automobiles, and reach assignments. Earn a lot of money and eventually become a gangster of all Los Angeles. This game is not for time killing, you are going to see mob universe of the"peaceful" and bright town. You will make your virtual unlawful narrative. rnIn match, your personality actual mob, participate in shootings, prohibited races and police chases while finish assignments. And the primary cash comes in drug dealing and supercars stealing. Do not forget about cops: conducted over a pedestrian, then crashed into a police car or taken your opponents, then authorities would not let you away! rnPerfect brand new city map. Different lucrative buildings (it is possible to purchase these ), assignments with cool rewards. Purchasing brand new gun your personality makes more harm to enemies. Ruin drugs transport and ruin a competitor's merchandise. Progress your personality to complete city mafia control. Sandy shore line, amazing buildings architecture, finest recreational and , criminal town is awaiting you.


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