J.O.K.E.R ll is the second part of 3D GTA like action shooter game JOKER. Play for free in the open world. Accomplish the missions, earn money and become a well known bad guy. The main character is inspired by a famous DC villain. Do you know him? Unpredictable sandbox with open world and bright graphics, it's possible to get into serious criminal history at any moment. In the game there are a huge metropolis, new types of weapons, shooters with cars and chases, complete the task for money, games with good graphics without the Internet shooting. This city life, cars, you can create your own auto business, there is an opportunity to buy a house after performing cash missions. In a city every second something happens somewhere. Beautiful and safe city at first glance is only an illusion. The main feature of the city is the availability of a business district, with huge skyscrapers. You can climb the roof of one of the skyscrapers, find a parachute and jump down. Enjoy the beauties of Sunny Mad City, smoothly descending from the roof of one of the skyscrapers.


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