Play as a true gangster and entire city will probably be lying ahead of you. The kind of the town is comparable to Miami or Las Vegas, but it is New York! Become a manager of criminality from the roads. You may fight various mafia gangsters in America, Russia, China, or Mexico, but also just normal men and women. The game comprises fully open world atmosphere. So that you may keep researching it for extended hours . Proceed off to the hills, drive and steal supercars, and take with strong guns You may also purchase a great deal of items in a store that will assist you complete assignments and launch the city out of most of mafia sinners. The majority of the assignments are going to be in the roads, a number of these in Chinatown district, along with other in gang lands . Are you prepared for good unlawful theft experience in GTA fashion? Prepare yourself to rob, kill, fight and shoot! Stealing cars, evading cops, racing through roads, and shooting down other group members... Do you have enough courage to climb to the peak of the criminal piles? Have fun.


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