Kingdom faces new threat. Army of the Burning Legion of Ancient Evil came from missing chaos eternity to attack their foes. The entire kingdom is at risk of destruction by snowy Lord Darkness whose aim is to ruin the kingdom and plant a seed old of infernal apocalypse. Nightmare reaper Conqueror is reborn, however. This is when you step in as a courageous blessed mythical hero who'll rise a counter drive. Unleash your energy and battle your power with pure demonic bad. Conquer the legion of invaders, push them to exile, recover the king's dark throne and restore order and peace. Collect crystals and recover crazy blood power magical from dropped mage. Buy enchanted magic potions from retailer sorcerer to refill your mana and hit things. Level up and acquire epic magical abilities, strong combos, armor, adventure and passive combat ability. Boost your intelligence, strength and agility. Select melee axe, sword or mace and produce your route of glory on the battle. Become a god's winner slayer that doesn't fear death and form a league of force against the wicked to fullfill your destiny. Input the underworld dungeon labyrinth and decimate devil invaders. At the conclusion of each level you struggle a huge boss. Touch magical soul crystal runes to acquire bonuses in a variety of things. Have fun.


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