Down Town is a 3D action shooter inspired by Grand Theft Auto series. Become a gangster. From petty theft to big robbery and making money in dangerous missions. Play for free in your browser right now. Immerse yourself in a large open world with complete freedom of action. It will not be easy for your character in this game, you will need to become an authority in 5 cities, where different gangs are fighting. However, you will find ally that you can rely on. You need to be careful who to trust. In the city there is the police, that will be looking for you.It is not easy to hide from police. Luckely a wide range of vehicles from hatchbacks to sports cars will help you with this. There is also a large selection of weapons from rifles, pistols and machine guns to six-barrel flamethrower and RPGs. Buy real estate as you progress through the game. Seize power in all cities and become the most dangerous mercenary in these cities. Have fun.


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