Dead Roadkill Highway is zombie apocalypse, action packed, thrill game, in which you need to drive through never-ending Siberian decayed highway wasteland to endure, as your hometown is overrun by zombies and requires evacuation. In the start you've got a little sum of money, older automobile car and lesser quality strike gun which will easier your battle. The principle of this game is simple: avoid other cars and obstacles on your course and get as far as possible. The entire amount is filled with bypassing dumb dangerous zombies squads. If any zombie jumps onto your car or truck, you'll get into trouble and perhaps die. Don't get overrun by harmful zombie hordes that are looking to eat your mind, what a painful, horrible death. You need to take them as quickly possible, since they influence how the vehicle is controlled. Your pace car also includes a highly effective nitro, which means that you may drive much faster and make more money in this race of life. Use nitro boosts to raise your probability of survival within this madness mayhem carnage! Make money to buy better cars and power-ups! Update up your armor and customize your car or truck and find the greatest zombie crush force of destruction. Earn money and purchase strong weapons to kill zombie mutants who are looking to spread viral plague to you personally. With this arsenal you may remove any living dead monsters that risks your lifetime. Have fun.


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