Do you hear all of those search motors? The time has come to choose who is the toughest man around. Here is the actual test of your driving and shooting abilities. Crunched Metal includes many vehicles to test out, every one of these using their particular strengths and flaws. Roam across town, or visit the plains, and place your first enemy. Ehm, what do you need to do with him? Yeah, yeah, take him down! Boom! And he collapses. Make that metal unturned! There's not anything better than the odor of burning tires. Gain some speed, begin drifting like a float king, and also make tires squealing like never before! Engage your distinctive vehicle gear - rocket missiles. Aim your competitor's automobile, and this comes the cataclysmic end... for him... get crunching into the floor, son! Choose between single player where you could roam across the map or far more enjoyable multiplayer where you will encounter different players from throughout the world in action-packed driving insanity! Do a little harm to other gamers, and see how the automobile becomes demolished directly before your eyes! Have fun.


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