Chibi Hero Adventure is a 2D platformer. Play arcade game with all the sensation of Super Mario games. Fight enemies with your shuriken. Collect coins, hearts, shurikens and celebrities. Finish every degree with 3 stars. Ninja is an international game personality. If he's at the match, then anticipate exciting experiences with many enemies, challenges and intriguing places. The sport Chibi Hero Adventure won't be an exclusion and will direct you with fine graphics. Take control and perform as the hero on a trip through the colorful world. It resembles the entire world of Mario, in addition, there are platforms where coins could be pumped out in the event that you jump on them from beneath. If you meet with an enemy, throw metal celebrities at him - that really is the protagonist's sole weapon. And there'll be a number of enemies and mostly skeletons and zombies. Have fun.


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