Cars Thief 2: Tank Edition

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Cars Thief 2: Tank Edition

The young guy Josh is back to get involved in the events from town where (until today ) peace prevailed. However, as we understand Josh, he'll certainly not allow it to be, particularly after finding a seemingly abandoned actual tank on the street. So, what had been the very first thought that went through Josh head when he seen the tank? You don't have to guessit's fairly clear... We just have to try what's this army automobile capable of! Oh, you can anticipate actual demolition, since the firepower of the unconventional automobile is a bit different from what we have encountered thus far. Giant explosions, automobile demolitions, and authorities? They probably think that they can stop you into their regular automobiles... Show them how wrong they have been and ruin those, that get on your way. Enjoy complete dominance at a cell tank and subdue the entire town in the design of Grand Theft Auto! Have fun.


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